Obedience is better than sacrifice 

As I look upon the disobedience of Israel, I can not help but think “these stubborn and rebellious people”. However, I stop and analyse the world today and myself. My sins areas far as the east us from the west, this I kjniw because I truss in Christ, but still I think I am no better, we are no better, intact we are worst and this generation bathes in rebellion and eats of the bread if disobedience.

With all that we see day to day; the deaths, the poverty and the lack of love for one another can one really blame God, Who gave you control, who gave you dominion. And, how can you blame a God you profess not to believe in. Take responsibility for your actions. Like the children of Israel, rebellious and ungrateful, so are we.

When calamity strikes, know that the person on the other side of the mirror is at fault.when punishment is issues, will you really be sorry, or will you only be sorry because you want to escape judgement. Know that there is no repentance beyond the grave (Ecclesiastes 9:10).

It seems difficult because we are born is sin as psalm 51:5 states ” behold I was brought forth iniquity and in sin did my mother conceive me.” (English Standard Version). When you have a loving god, who prepared the sacrifice before the world began, you know that belief in Jesus is the key. It is not a life (free) completely void of mistakes, because from time to time, you will let your flesh win. With Jesus you can allow your spirit to win by giving Him the lordship over to your life.

I cannot make the decision for you, but I do know that no one wants punishment. No one wants the continuous terror they see day to day. It changes when you come to repentance. When you turn from disobedience and rebellion. It is not without hope but due to prophecy, that I know some will remain in wretchedness. Though this, there is still hope for those who listen. “He who has an ear let his hear” Matthew 11:15 ESV. Jesus awaits you who will listen.


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