Satan is aware of his destruction?

As children of God we are buffeted daily because of our desire to do God’s will and our relationship with Him . This my friend is displeasing to the enemy of our souls, our main adversary the devil. He throws various temptations and devious traps our way but Romans 8 verse 37 says that “we are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus who loved us.”

God in His word so assuredly promised an eternal reward for those who faithfully serve Him. Be encouraged that His word is true. For, as we know God’s promises for our lives and what will come at the end of our pilgrimage, satan knows his very own. In Matthew 8 verse 29 we see the gathering demoniac (Satan’s lackies), after being confronted by Jesus, pleading not to torment them before the time. Upon reading this, more awareness was brought to me that the enemy will lose and he knows the destruction that is before him. Be encouraged that we have won because Christ has won.


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