A kingdom of segregation?

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We live in such a beautifully but messed up world. One of the greatest blunders in human history is racism. Whether you call it colour consciousness, light skin, dark skin or even in-between it all stems from racism. It is no wonder why people are always so kinked in themselves about other races who make themselves seem superior to others. Let’s be clear, I’m talking about black and white. It would be great if I could just say that in 2018 things should be different, and so hope to change the mindsets of mankind. However, I know the deal! I know that nothing can ever repay for lives lost and stolen through slavery. Not to mention the injustice many still face. From police killings to inequalities in the workplace, many black people still feel stuck and so they are angry towards whites and would rather stay as far as possible. “No mixing,” they say and even the church is impacted by this.

Bringing the world into the church

There are certain attitudes expected from people of the church and people of the world. I know all too much about this and have seen how many times we transfer our worldliness to the church and expect for God to be pleased with us. You cannot function as a child of God whilst harbouring these kinds of feelings. It boils down to whether you are just religious or whether you have a relationship with God.

Every true believer should know that they are to love their neighbour as their selves Matthew 22 verse 39. How can you claim to love God whom you have not seen and hate your brother who you see? 1st John 4 verse 20. It is the call for us to not use carnal “fleshy” nature to combat issues of life.Where others seek retaliation and vengeance, we should instead put on forgiveness and allow the love of Christ to rule in us. This makes for maintaining the testimony of Christ.

To say that in the melting pots of western societies there is still that deep segregation within the church is shameful. There should not be an all Nigerian Church or an all “White” church, especially in the communities around me, but that is what you will find. I know it is easier to speak to someone who is similar to you, but if winning souls is your aim as a church (which it should be as it is our first priority as children of God) why are you not stepping out of the box to reach these souls as well. They say there is a place for everyone but what if your church is the only place these people can receive the gospel? Are you going to shun them because they look different or because you feel different towards them?

A Gospel for all

I am always drawn to John 3 verse 16. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son so that WHOEVER believes in Him can have everlasting life.” The Gospel is for EVERYONE and not just some. Not Just blacks or whites or Asians or the in-between alone but for ALL. I think this slips the minds of many believers today. Imagine if Christ said only blacks could receive salvation or vice versa, the majority of us would be in trouble and God would not be seen as the loving God He is. In His mercy, He has made salvation inclusive because He only made one race but because of sin and mankind’s stupidity, we see this filtering through the church.

I have had a few discussions about this with people and it baffles me that some are so consumed with what they want from God. How do you expect God to bless you when you won’t even obey Him. One of the greatest commandments is “…Love thy neighbour as thyself” Matthew 22 verse 39. As this is a commandment, you would expect this to be a high priority, but as this involves us making ourselves uncomfortable it becomes somewhat redefined to be “love the people around me, the people who are like me.”

I do understand that many white folks don’t want to hear the gospel and the truth is that more black folks go to church, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t one who wouldn’t be open to receiving it. Our job is not to be the judge but to be the bearers of the message issued by the almighty judge Himself. Whether they accept it or not is up to the individual and we pray that they do. The world may be singing this song of “stay in your lane and I in mine” but the church’s song should be different.

After this, I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands. Revelation 7 verse 9. This is one verse that has stuck in my mind since the beginning of my walk with Christ. If this is a picture of what heaven is going to be like shouldn’t you be preparing yourself now. Hating people and keeping yourself distance is a hindrance to obtaining heaven.

Who do you resemble?

Two wrongs don’t make a right. Avoiding others because of what they’ve done to you or retaliating, in the same manner, is not the way we should react as the church. No matter how justified you may feel it goes back to the point of sacrifice. Just as we are undeserving of God’s love and mercy, nevertheless Christ came and gave Himself in our stead. So, looking at His example-ship we should imitate Christ as Paul says in 1st Corinthians 11 verse 1. Show love, grace and mercy. 

I know that there are going to be those who just don’t care. They blame mixing for societies confusion but if they really looked to God they’ll see that the world wants to label everything and everyone. In order to find where your true identity is, look to your creator and don’t rely on society because they have lost their way. This is why it is so important to keep the world and the church separate. I digress. If after the flood Noah and all his children went in the same direction we wouldn’t have all this mess. We are all the same we just look different and that is the beauty of the HUMAN RACE!

Wisdom Knows no fools

Charlse Finny once said in his commentary “Wisdom Justified of Her Children” that true religion is the devotion of one’s being to the glory of God and the highest good of His kingdom. This is true religion.” According to the definition by google, wisdom is described  as the quality of having experience, knowledge and good judgement; the quality of being wise. True wisdom comes from God and one who listens and obeys is seen as sensible?

In church a few Sundays back, whilst the man of God preached, I heard the saying “no one likes listening to advice”. He then continued to say that though we hear it we do not listen to it because to us it is just someones opinion which we are not obligated to. As he said this I could not forget the scripture I was reading prior to that day, Luke 7. As I reached  verse 35 I could not quite understand the text “wisdom is justified by her children”. It was this that lead me to find the commentary by Finny. His breakdown was quite elaborate and I was still a bit confuddled. I sought advice from a friend and it was through his explanation I was able to grasp what the scripture meant but also what Finny was saying and after all that was said I was stuck on wisdom.

There is a realisation that one must come to and that is that advice and wisdom are synchronious, so is the ability to listen and to listen well. This is proven through the scripture we read that said Sunday Proverbs 19:20 “listen to advice and accept instruction so that you may gain wisdom in the future.

In His commentary Charlse Finny opened my eyes to man’s inability to apply wisdom and why. To paraphrase , he says that people’s lack of obedience to God is not wisdom. Now I know that the bible says we have fallen short and praise God for Jesus who redeems us of those shor comings. C.F goes on to say that people reject wisdom because of selfishness. I could not have agreed more. The fact that man does not agree with God’s word is down to as someone I know would say, “it challenging them about their caranality” and they dont want to change. They would go to lengths to justify them not being in the will of God. Come on we all know at least 10 people like that. They are too wrapped up in their lives or should I say sin to see the big picture. This is what separates True Christians from everyone else and if it is not clear to you that is that they are willing to put away selfish desires for wisdom which only God can give. As I say this I remember the preacher “God is the most qualified to give us advice because He is the creator.” Not only that but he goes on to say that because He knows our future , He gives us fact not opinion God does not deal with possibilities.

I do not need to be an expert. I just have to be around long enough to learn from people’s mistakes, habits and failures to know that once you show someone what sin is or try to help because you have either experienced it personally or know someone who has they get defensive and their pride kicks in. If I take advice from the wisest being in existence and from that seek to pass it on , am I not wise and would it not be good judgement of you to take my advice? I think, no I know you must be a fool to walk away from wisdom.


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