In Poetry

I have a lot to give and a lot within

People have also taken a lot without me giving

So to say that I’m guarded is somewhat short of an explanation.

My cup has been full and running over

Its as if the tap of misfortune was left on

Questions like why am I here? 

What’s the meaning of life 

float around like unhinged dandelion seeds waiting to land on the right spot until answered.

See I found the answers 

and I’m still finding more

And some would go something like this;

that your own troubles sometimes are because others give into sin 

and the many events of life just need us to respond correctly so that you can be the perfect example

 instead of trying to be the perfect person because we all know that’s a myth 

And if by chance you think you are well

 pride resides in that cruel duplicitous heart of yours 

and you have allowed the masters of pride to fuel this negative thing 

So much so you don’t want to know who God is.


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