Old Testament Lessons with New Testament Truths

I was  once told that the old testament was the new testament concealed and the new was the old revealed. As I have been growing in my faith, I see what this means more and more each day. My latest revelation comes from the priest of old and their  involvement with sacrifices.

The priests were often allowed to eat of the offerings whether it were a ram or a grain offering. Even pouring oil on their hands during the cleansing of leprosy can be seen in text. As I read, I thought of how extra personal and deeply involved in these sacrifices the priests were. They could have just gathered it all and burnt it or pour the oil from a flask directly. However, I believe it was God showing how directly involved or how personal the sacrifice of Jesus would be.

Jesus is referred to as our High Priest in Hebrews 4 verse 15. Like the priests of the Old Testament, who ate or partook of the sacrifices, so we see Jesus Christ partaking in sacrifices but not only that; becoming the sacrifice.  I don’t know how much more is needed to show God’s love for us. The shedding of His blood does far more than what any animal’s could. It washes away sin instead of a mere cover up. There is no need for oil as the blood also heals. There is redemption in the blood of Jesus (Ephesians 1 verse 7). On a side note, water was also a key factor in the cleansing  process along side  blood. When Jesus was on the cross and they pierced His side both came gushing out. What a sacrifice that God would come in the form of flesh to live a sinless life. To be the example. To be the spotless lamb. To be our High Priest, perfectly mirroring that which took place in the Old Testament. He is a personal God who wants to get to know us intimately. See how our High Priest gave himself personally.


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