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So I’ve decided to share what songs I am currently listening to. I said since I love music and like talking about my favourite singers I think it would be cool to keep it as an ongoing thing on this blog. I hope my sharing would spark you to give some of these songs a listen.


#1 Dry Bones by Lauren Daigle

Whilst hearing this song it just refreshes my mind and spirit as what I’m suppose to be doing and who I am as a child of God. Having new life in Christ I am no longer dead and am now in a constant battle daily to remain in God’s will and to share His Gospel with others. An army of witnesses!

#2 Don’t go today by Im Se Jun

I, being the huge Korean culture lover I am, could not help but be drawn to this song when I first heard it. Then, I was drawn to the singers voice. Absolutely stunning. I enjoy his sentiments in the song and if you give it a listen just look up the English lyrics. There is a female version to this song by Ben which is just as great but I favour male vocalist more.

#3 If by chance by Noel covered by Kim Yeon Woo

Yes it’s another one and it’s sung by another fantastic Korean singer who brought me to tears. Love the sentiments and his delivery. He is officially one of my favourite singers. He’s done songs like Taxi and Is she still beautiful. He is very talented.

#4 Mama don’t worry by Sam Kim

I know what you’re thinking now ” quite a few Korean songs”, but they’re good. This guy is so chilled. I love his album and this is the first song I heard and it made me all nostalgic and made me miss my mom. I think it’s beautiful!


#5 Mountains by Sean C Johnson

This is a beautiful reminder of how we should give things to the Lord even our burdens. I’ve always been a fan of this guy. His style is great and his music is true to the Gospel and even though he’s not as successful as others he’s number one to me.


I hope you do give them a listen until then 안녕 ✌


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