Rotten eggs

This may seem like old news but it is never too old, the disgust and anger I felt after reading about judge who recently reduced the sentence of a very guilty rapist. To make matters worst, the very obvious racial underlining have been echoed from the African American and even non American community. Statement like “if he were black this would be a long sentence” have had people all riled up. Though very true, let’s not forget that the greatest victim in this case is that of the assault victim herself. She has been ravaged and unknowingly violated. An act she herself had to discover through the news. I hope the judge loses his job and is barred from ever practising.

There should be an intolerance towards sexual crimes regardless of race and only God knows what else this judge is going to let slip. If it were his daughter would he have been lenient ? I think not. We cry out for a better world and country but when people like this in power don’t do better what’s left for the people to do but lose even more trust in the system that “so called protects us”.


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