Along came the fool

​Last week I made so many mistakes. One in particular still stays on my mind and that is the fact that I let myself argue with a fool.

 So as it goes I made a statement mid conversation stating that a certain black person from history was racist!  I can see how this will get one riled up, however, I was adamant that I was not retracting my statement. 

In all honesty I was so angry after this person proceeded to tell me that I don’t know myself and I don’t know where I’m from. To make matters worse he who will be called Z began to attack my faith and I was not happy. Besides the fact that this person was ignorant I also felt sad for Z as I thought and still think; how long will he and others like him be in this state. 

Racism is not one sided. It happens both ways. Yes slavery happened and yes we felt and are still feeling it, but let’s not forget that others suffered too and are still suffering. I am not denying that black people have not had it worst and even still but being segregated and having that mindset is not what’s going to help. I am not just speaking to my fellow blacks but to everyone but I’ll address the rest later. Right now, I’ll say this to my black brothers and sisters, don’t tear down other races and then say that you aren’t racist. Don’t push your colour coded ideas forward and then think that’s not racist. 

When Mandela came out of prison after years of mistreatment and racial darts, he welcome the world he was re-entering with forgiveness and that is the heart we should have. Sometimes it only takes one then the rest will follow. So instead of being money hungry and eager to climb in the belly of wealth through violence and other deviant behaviours encourage education and an ability to be industrious.Thank God for the few who already do this. As for the others yes I mean you white folk. You have set the world on a course that won’t ever change. You have made skin colour a disease when really it should be and expression  of beauty and diversity spoken from the voice of God. Manipulating people! because I’m tired of saying black and white and so on and so on. Let me not forget how you’ve taken God’s truth and toyed with it. 

Don’t feel guilty because of a past you can’t control and let’s move on and make better decision treating each other with the utmost respect. And to us blacks let’s grow and do better than what those before us did because if we really are honest we sell out our own even the same and if colour was a myth it would all just be hate fueled by sin.


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