I am and soon to be was, a supernova of sin. Self destructive and misconstructed by my environment. Explosive to my very core but never opening the door to show the charcoal stains from the burns and capsized towers that show the hurt that still learked. An age where hurt should be omitted and love emitted I was left  with the face of evil and the bitter aftertaste of his sting. Mind shackles and flesh battle are all I seem to know now. I Can’t think straight. I can’t see straight. Should I have cried out? I’m living but why do I feel like they took everything. The creator of this star said its time. I am venturing into a blackout, but He will speak and I will be once again. This carcas that thinks it owns my existence, only hides the miracle inside, of demolition and reconstruction and all the towers of my heart that will stand and all the smog will be gone like the wind. Even if its takes a while I know I’ll be new because He who started a good work is faithful to complete it in you.


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