Hi! 안녕

So here I go again, my apologies for this absence. What’s new you ask, nothing major but here we go. I don’t know if you can tell but I like my Korean music and also dramas. I something’s post songs too. I’ve always had a passion for foreign things i.e languages food and such but it was a few years back I really started listening to the music and I can say one good thing came from a period in my past I try to forget. It was recently I decided I’m going to learn this language! 🙄 so that’s new. I must say listening and watching things in the language you aspire to learn is a good start. I have purposed  in my heart that I’m going to write a book. 🙌 its my very own anthology. I do have a few pieces that I think I definitely want to put in it so 2015 will be something. I have nothing else except the strong sense that God is going to grant me the desires of my heart!😚 This may include someone and it may … OK let me stop. I’ll definitely post a few pieces from my anthology here let me know your views.😋


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