Wisdom Knows no fools

Charlse Finny once said in his commentary “Wisdom Justified of Her Children” that true religion is the devotion of one’s being to the glory of God and the highest good of His kingdom. This is true religion.” According to the definition by google, wisdom is described  as the quality of having experience, knowledge and good judgement; the quality of being wise. True wisdom comes from God and one who listens and obeys is seen as sensible?

In church a few Sundays back, whilst the man of God preached, I heard the saying “no one likes listening to advice”. He then continued to say that though we hear it we do not listen to it because to us it is just someones opinion which we are not obligated to. As he said this I could not forget the scripture I was reading prior to that day, Luke 7. As I reached  verse 35 I could not quite understand the text “wisdom is justified by her children”. It was this that lead me to find the commentary by Finny. His breakdown was quite elaborate and I was still a bit confuddled. I sought advice from a friend and it was through his explanation I was able to grasp what the scripture meant but also what Finny was saying and after all that was said I was stuck on wisdom.

There is a realisation that one must come to and that is that advice and wisdom are synchronious, so is the ability to listen and to listen well. This is proven through the scripture we read that said Sunday Proverbs 19:20 “listen to advice and accept instruction so that you may gain wisdom in the future.

In His commentary Charlse Finny opened my eyes to man’s inability to apply wisdom and why. To paraphrase , he says that people’s lack of obedience to God is not wisdom. Now I know that the bible says we have fallen short and praise God for Jesus who redeems us of those shor comings. C.F goes on to say that people reject wisdom because of selfishness. I could not have agreed more. The fact that man does not agree with God’s word is down to as someone I know would say, “it challenging them about their caranality” and they dont want to change. They would go to lengths to justify them not being in the will of God. Come on we all know at least 10 people like that. They are too wrapped up in their lives or should I say sin to see the big picture. This is what separates True Christians from everyone else and if it is not clear to you that is that they are willing to put away selfish desires for wisdom which only God can give. As I say this I remember the preacher “God is the most qualified to give us advice because He is the creator.” Not only that but he goes on to say that because He knows our future , He gives us fact not opinion God does not deal with possibilities.

I do not need to be an expert. I just have to be around long enough to learn from people’s mistakes, habits and failures to know that once you show someone what sin is or try to help because you have either experienced it personally or know someone who has they get defensive and their pride kicks in. If I take advice from the wisest being in existence and from that seek to pass it on , am I not wise and would it not be good judgement of you to take my advice? I think, no I know you must be a fool to walk away from wisdom.



One response to “Wisdom Knows no fools”

  1. Such a profound quote: wisdom is justified by her children.
    I think you’ve planted a seed in my consciousness with this one. Thank you Nicolette 🙂

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