What’s confidence without God? Forget society!

Life is funny and at the same time it is not…

It doesnt take a genius to know that we should do the right thing. Ah there we go with that phrase again “the right thing”. By who’s standards are we judging whats right or wrong? Society’s or God’s? Society says be you. Be confident! This to some extent is not a bad thing but in your confidence are you leading people a stray. God says to you come and live the way I want you to live and in me you will find all the peace and security you need.

Ive learnt over the years that God never leads us a stray nor does He forsake us. We get so wrapped up in what people think so we go with society. This same society use to be focused on the ways of the Lord but has now drifted into secularisation, with no care for God and His existence.. This is why we have a culture big on individualism and self confidence as a matter of fact all things “self”. This same confidence to flaunt one’s abominable lifestyle and manipulate young people. I gasp in anger and am repulsed by this life not to mention saddened by the queues of people who bathe themselves in immorality and dry themselves in the eternal flame that is the death that is to become them.

What am I saying? “Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Romans 12:2. You can be you full of confidence and all but do it in God. Do not let society drag you down live for Jesus because at the end of it all God is the one with all the right answers not society.



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