Your worth poem

I heard the voice say don’t awaken love before its time, and you have too from mothers friends and others too but even so that voice inside your head. It was faint, it was as if someone turned the volume down or in some cases off. So there you go opening up a can of worms, dabbling in this forgery dressed up to look legit. You think his love can suffice not seeing it’s lust disguised. So he treats you with mistrust and never utters a word of praise so you’re left thinking you’re the blame but really and truly you’ve forgotten your worth. How you were taken from him bone of his bones and flesh of his flesh to live for Him Jesus in the spot, the presence of God, but how have you allowed it to come to this spiritually bound through an act that wasn’t made for the unmarried but you’ve entered into this and he’s carried and laid upon you the baggage of the girl before and the one before that and he’s on to the next one but hold on men get played too for how many have you been with? It takes two to tango. Don’t take the bait, abstain, wait most of all on God to bring the him or her most suitable, I say this young man young woman know you’re worth.


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