When will you get it?

So here’s the thing. You say you love how I’ve grown and matured and become this great person and its all due to me having a relationship with God. However my happiness isn’t enough for you to come to God too. I’m finding it hard to comprehend people who seek happiness and continue looking for it when here I am your friend who was looking and is no longer looking and you wont let my life be an example to you.

You can clearly see, but I don’t think you clearly see that you’ve got one soul and death is inevitable. This spontaneous, “jack in the box” type of experience happens and then you’ll meet your maker. Life is like a vapour and HELL is there. So you say that’s subject to belief, I say belief isn’t the subject but fact.   Because you say it isn’t there, doesn’t mean God isn’t there and going judge you because of your ignorance because it’s an ignorance you choose. 


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