When it comes to the kingdom!

1. In the world men seem to be quick with their approach with women. The chat up lines seem to come as fast as we can draw our next breath. Sometimes she doesn’t even have to be attractive but as long as she’s got chest they’re at it. She doesn’t even have to be a good woman by world’s view but they’re so eager to go and fornicate. In the Kingdom (Church) this is however very different. There are virtuous women in abundance but these “brothers” don’t seem to move. As much as one would say to themselves “I like her”, he will wait and wait and wait before he does anything. Soon they find themselves in a situation where the woman is snatched up by some other brother who knows how to take initiative. They’re then left feeling regret and moaning constantly “if only”! 2. Another of our many faults as Christians is that we are not as eager about the things of God as we would be with the things of this world. We would for example, prepare weeks or even days for an event, whether it be a rave, part concert or whatever the world deems as fun. When it comes to praying, reading the word of God or even telling people about the Gospel this is another story. We drag our feet and we do it with so much apathy. But, in all honesty, we are all guilty of this. We’re guilty of neglecting prayer because according to some its boring or too long and reading the bible is likewise the same. We shy away from telling people about the Gospel/Jesus because  of fear of rejection. This is linked into my 3rd point. this is that we are embarrassed about telling people because we don’t want to be rejected. the sad truth is that many will reject the Gospel and tell you to shut up but you have to push through. Another thing is that there is a lack of confidence. Its funny how you see young people on the streets promoting all sorts of ridiculous things without shame and the one thing that’s suppose to actually be of use to us we don’t want to do because “we’re embarrassed”. (song) “its a little bit funny”, (lol) . 4. This point that I’m about to make, ties in a lot with my first point. Because men in the church won’t act they leave a lot of women waiting which made me think about how anxious women are in the church in comparison to the world. In the world women are looking for good men to settle down with and by this I mean what the world thinks a good man is. The nice guy with the nice job, car and good upbringing. This market of guys is larger in comparison to the market of guys in the church. These are the “real”  good guys. They are saved, they are doing something for the kingdom and they have some of the other stuff too (job, car etc).  Because women in church are no longer looking in the market of the world, and the ratio of men to women in church is lower women tend to be filled with anxiety about marriage and children. I am neither married nor do I have any children and so I can say that as a single woman that’s something I get anxious about. That’s why keeping a woman waiting is selfish. Men don’t think about the fact that women cant produce after a certain time but instead are wrapped up in themselves and the fact that they can have children at anytime. Selfish!   


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