Role models and Friendships

So its been a while but here’s what’s in my head at this moment:

1.I was recently reminded as to why we need good friends. In a sermon focusing on the imprint we have on people’s lives or vice- versa, the speaker stated that it is imperative to portray good habits especially as Christians because we do not know who is watching. They may end up picking up our dirty little habits. Now I know we aren’t perfect but we should at least try to be as well kept as we can especially when it comes to impressionable people like new converts or young people. I for one had to reflect on the times I didn’t do this and yes I repented, but I also remember those who had set such great examples to follow. I’m grateful because whether it be good or bad I’ve learnt to take the experiences of others  and learn from them instead of  living my life making mistake after mistake singing the same sad song ‘let me make my own mistake’. So it is because of you and you’re mistake that I am who I am today thank you.


Someone recently asked me ‘what are qualities of a good friend?’. Not really that way as he/she was asking about her qualities but you get the idea. I started to think about the handful of people I consider to be friends and I was proud to say that despite the obvious, they’re there for you when you need them even when you don’t, I find that a lot of the times they just accept you for who you are. I have found that they are honest and tell you you need to fix up when you need to and when you need forgiveness they wont hold it back. I’m such a picky person when it comes to friends but  I know God has blessed me with great ones. I mean have you ever met someone and there’s that instant connection? What am I saying, of coarse you have; and those people you are iffy about lol :O . We’ve all been there but I must say there are some that you just know you’ll be friends forever. I love my friends if you’re my friend its for life xoxox  .. So here’s to old friendships and new ones xx 🙂




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