Your Charity

Its good to give to the less fortunate. Its what I and others consider to be neighbourly. Being a good neighbour is one of the priority commandments, but are you truly being (neighbourly) kind or showing love in giving or helping or are you doing it out of duty.God says that we are to love Him with all our heart and in doing so we should love each other. If we do things out of duty and not out of our love for God, how then can we make it for Christ? This reminds me of people who don’t believe or say they don’t believe in God but still give. They still believe that ‘if there’s a heaven’, they’ll end up there just because they’ve fed a few homeless men. Jesus said ‘I am the only way to heaven’, but I guess its ignorance. I feel.. let me rephrase that.. I know people just want to live their lives the way the want and the only reason they give is so that just in case heaven exists they can get in, but news flash our righteousness is nothing without Christ because we are still capable of evil. Now don’t get it twisted some people claim to have Christ but they truly don’t know Him.



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