Miss Reflection

I blinked, and she blinked. I  laughed, and she laughed, I think sometimes even better. I cried, but she always seemed to look even worst crying. We did everything together. Her first name was mine, but our last names differed, but here’s something,she looked back at me and I couldn’t recognize the image on the other side of the wall. Miss Reflection… It was like I ran so far from God, but you kept hold of Him,


sort of funny,and its kind of,
how I cant seem to remember ,
not thinking I didn’t have the saviour.
Living my life still pretending I’ve escaped damnation,
but the twinkle in her eyes died everyday I continued to live in sin.

Looking at the person in the mirror,

I could remember thinking God has  certainly not left me,
not realising that what I was seeing were remnants of His Majesty in me.
There was barely any of Him left.
I think,
no I know if she could,

she would say stop wasting your life away.

She’d slap me upside the head,
and say,
‘wake up this isn’t who He has called you to be.’ 
She’d say,
‘why are you doing this to me?’
But in my heart I truly knew,
she didn’t have to say anything.
I had allowed sin to dance upon the floors of my life,
tarnishing  His Majesty’s beautiful tiles.
Oh Miss reflection could see my downward spiral before I could.
She saw that I was about to choose him,
instead of HIM all caps,
and that my eyes were fixed on things that had no place in the Kingdom, 
but why couldn’t I see that denial was apparent.


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