The Power Of Three

No it’s not the charmed ones but its The One. The One who is in fact three but we sometimes forget He simply is. The one who in the words of singer Sanchez ‘has the handle The One whose got the title’. Its frustrating at times trying to prove or convince people of God’s existence. I mean come on! Sometimes I’m like you mean to tell me that you’ve gone so far that you can’t even sense him and that fire in you is almost out? So its fair to then say you have no conscience because that is a piece of God. ‘Genesis 2 vs 7 God breathed the breath of life into his nostrils and man became a living soul.’ But enough about that what I really want to say is God is real! Have you ever looked at a shadow that has been cast? What does it represent to you? I bet if you look carefully you’ll see two other shadows it just that they would be fainter than the more prominent one. That my friend is what I call the power of three. I perceive that to be a reminder that The Power of Three ( God The Father, God The Son and God The Holy Spirit) is always with us. Like our conscience , no matter how far we think we’ve gotten you can never escape God because He is in you.


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