Its Storytime On ABC!

Once upon a time there were tales told to us as children. These tales stretch from Cinderella to Little red riding hood. Now imagine all those coming to your screen in one series, well ABC Family’s Once Upon a time certainly serves you a handful of your favourite fairy tales.

I first saw the premier sometime last year and after seeing Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin), assumed that maybe this was just going to give us insight into what happened to her and Prince Charming (Josh Dallas) . Was it a happily ever after or was it a tragic ending to what seemed so perfect? Well those who’ve seen the series could say that it was intriguing to see what happened as Snow and her Prince were pursued  by a vengeful witch Regina played by actress Lana Parrilla. Its incorporation of various fictional personas and how they all linked somehow came a quite a surprise as I continued to watch. Being the romantic I am one can only predict how excited I was being  able to view some of our favourite loved up couples such as Beauty and and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty to name a few.We see Emma (Jennifer Morrison) the daughter of Snow White and the Prince who escaped the curse to the real world.  She is sought after by her son Henry ( Jared Gilmore)who she gave up for adoption. Henry brings her back to their town Storybrooke as he hopes she will break the curse as he is the only one who seems to know that they are all cursed to live in the real world and forget who they truly are. I felt as if I were a child again and it was like I was hearing the stories for the first time and on the other hand it was fun trying to work out characters and linking them with stories I knew.

Creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis who are both known for the series Lost, brought an interesting twist to this tale, mixing fiction with reality. In this we see characters in an identity crisis not knowing who they truly are because of Regina’s curse on Snow and her Prince which has affected almost everyone in their enchanted land. They find themselves in the real world with real but different identities. However, it is funny to see that though they think they’re different people they’re personalities are still the same. One perfect example is that of Dr Archie Hopper played by actor Raphael Sbarge. He is really Jiminy Cricket who is famous for being a conscience like figure from the story of Pinocchio. As Dr Hopper one can say that he fulfils his role as he is a Psychiatrist which we can say he is as Jiminy Cricket.

As season two opens we see the curse lifted and it seems for a moment those lost loves have been reunited, but like every tale we know there is still a twist. With new characters appearing we see what tangled webs have been woven. Can’t wait!


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