Seriously!!!!!! In 2012

I’ve never really experienced racism or if I had it must have been indirectly or unknown to me. I do know that being a Christian has changed me, however we all know that we’re not perfect and I still have some things to fix but before getting saved I’m sure I would have given her a piece of my mind. Now, this racist woman was of another ethnic minority. I thought to myself  if you cut me I’m sure you’ll see blood as I’m sure I’m human and she’s too (well maybe) lol! Its sort of funny just thinking about the possibility of Jesus coming to save a particular race, well scary actually. But, honestly we’d all be in trouble. To be honest I don’t expect that woman to know any better.

Another issue I’ve seen is the bitterness in black people. Just because a bunch of people did some bad stuff to us doesn’t mean we should hold it against them.We’ll never get anywhere with bitterness especially heaven. I mean come on move on with your life! What makes you think that you’re justified in being to them, it doesn’t make you any better. Fix up before its too late. I recently heard about this guy who doesn’t want to be related to any white person.  I mean his brother “knocked up” a white girl and he’s saying that he wants nothing to do with the child and his dad’s saying the same. They don’t know what they’re missing out on and that kind of narrow mindedness is intolerable. They’re like bamboo trees inflexible  to the point where if you bend them they’re gonna have to break and that my loves is exactly what’s gonna happen. SAY NO TO RACISM!


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