The Battle

It started with a simple act of disobedience,

for she was deceived by him,

and it was disobedience that propelled us into moral deterioration.

She passed on falsehood to the first seed of man

and flicked the switch that started the war between my flesh and spirit.

Do I resent them?

Don’t you?

Wouldn’t we all like the easy way out,

sin free instead of being burdened by a simple act so ancient its unfathomable.

Oh but look,

see the lamb in the bush.

See how our father has made a way for us,

to enter into the promise land,

and from her seed he came to bridge a gap,

as wide as the space between the Med Sea and me,

between man and the Father.

He’s already fought the good fight.

The repetitive nature of my fall,

makes it impossible for me to stay up without His arms.

His wisdom,

even in his tender years,

far more than those twice his age.

They claimed to have been fighting all along,

but knowing that you would come had no recognition of who You were.

Our great defender,

who so graciously fought against sin

and in the blink of an eye it was finished,

but this was only half the battle won,

because true glory of the begotten was seen in His fight against death,

and oh what a triumph it was to see

when he rose from the  dead after day not one not two but three.


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