Please put on clothes!

Fashion has always been an important aspect in youth culture. It never ceases its repetitiveness and no matter how we may want to escape the cycle, there is no “loop hole” does this mean that because it is somewhat unavoidable we as parents should get our young children caught up in it? Should parents not know what appropriate and what’s bad parenting?It pains my heart to think that mothers are allowing their daughters to dress provocatively these days. Sure we may laugh at first and make jokes about how cute they are, but you wont be laughing if say a paedophile grabs them. I know they’re sick in the head and this is in no way shape or form justification for these “sickoes” actions but children  to dress like children. Its the same for women too. Women to dress their age. What message are you sending your child if you’re dressing a certain way CHILDREN LIVE WHAT THEY LEARN! This brings me to the point that you don’t know your worth but I’ll leave that for another  time. Cover up and they’ll emulate someone worthy.



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