Letter to a friend

We are like two peas in a pod,

But like is a simile and I am singular.

We both want what’s best for each other

And it’s seems that I’ve already found the best

In Him

No not him man but Him God in the flesh.

Don’t  pretend you don’t know who I’m talking about .

don’t be like the rest of the world.

You should take it personal that you can’t give me what I really need.

This may sound selfish but our friendship is important it’s just not as important as my salvation.

We were once the same

But after my rebirth,

I was no longer the lame to your fire,

But I’m a whole new being.



You should care that I’d rather spend time getting to know him,

But enough about being yoked to you unevenly…

Here’s an option,

Actually its a requirement accept his friendship.

P.S mahal kita/je t’aime/te amo


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