Soul Mates Doesn’t mean destined to be together! To be cont’d

We all look for the perfect partner, never really forgetting that type of person doesn’t exist but still looking anyway. Maybe we can blame it on the movies or music produced these days. I guess one can say they create a false consciousness in this case.They embed within us phrases like “soul mates” and never fail to bell out constant repetitions of “we’re meant to bes, but does being soul mates mean that we are destined to be together?  After some somewhat careful scrutiny I’ve realised it doesn’t.

The soul is eternal. Some of you out there may not agree but being a strong believe of the Christian faith I do. When I think about the word mate the topic of intimacy between two people comes to mind. The world has gone so far beyond what God wants from us especially where sex before marriage is concerned. God has put this rule in place  because of the strong connection developed through intercourse. This is not only physical but more especially it is a spiritual connection. When we sleep around a lot of us are unaware of the ties we make. Yes soul ties do exist, that’s why some find it so hard to give ourselves fully because of lingering feelings of relationships they’ve had before. Now on to the question at hand. Just because one feels someone is right for them, it doesn’t mean that you are suppose to be with that person. Imagine if the person you think is your “soul mate” is abusive, this should obviously suggest that this person is wrong for you. However as I said  before you’ve given yourself to that person  and that my friend is a connection only  God can break…..


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