So when naming my blog I though to myself what can I call it, and since it is focused around me I thought who am I.
I am in every sense of the word NOCTURNAL. I never really realised it but someone once called me that but i think in my state of immaturity just shrugged it off. Having lived a few more years I have come to realise how true it is. I am and I find that its a lot more peaceful in the night no ones up so I can do my bits and bobs in silence.
I am IMPERFECT but then again who isn’t so lets just say technical flaw…
Now I know They say curiosity killed the cat but who exactly are they. I’m CURIOUS or as we Jamaicans like to say nosey. I always want to know what’s up or what’s down or left or right “mi cyaan ‘elp miself”.
I am an OXYMORON and I use this as and adjective to describe myself because I am both Love and Hate and it is synchronous  with my imperfection.
I am LETHAL in the sense that if I don’t  stay on the path God wants me to my self destructive nature will kick in, take over and Hell will be my destination…
EGOTISTICAL? Yes.. Honestly I see the importance in what I deemed to be correct ideas that are in line with my God. I strongly am arrogant when it comes to my faith. you may do everything to tear me down and tell me my God isn’t real but it will forever be a lie because I feel him in everything, I look up and I see the things he spoke into existence. I look at people like you and me and see the sins his son died for. I have lived a life filled with horrible experience but to be delivered from trials only to stand firm in my “inflated truth
“of the Fact not idea that my God is real.   
The TOUCHY and TENDER one. I’m sensitive but more especially about my faith. when people talk about God and they have no idea who God is I honestly get irritated. On the other had I’m gentle as the flower quickly fading..(Casting Crowns ref) lol.
I am ELABORATED.Why ? I am because there is no shorter way to tell you about me and I grow the story just gets more detailed.  

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