More Poetry…

So I finally have the time to put up some poetry. This isn’t the one I promised I’m still working on it  but this is something old.


Why do i feel left out
I have not isolated myself from this world?
Am I oblivious to the things that are happening in this society?
Like a tattered piece of paper,
I am ignored
I am invisible
I am forgotten.
My thoughts and dreams for this nation,
will never see the light of day
For I and others like myself
will never get to speak so openly and free
we are shut out because our opinions don’t matter
and once again life proves that we are forgotten
we live in the slums of this country
while they dine with the finest
and though our colours share some similarities
they turn their backs and run to those
whose ancestors had enslaved theirs
but who can blame them
slavery itself was started by our own
and with pride and prejudice
their brothers
their best friends
we are still ignored
we are still forgotten


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