So I stated that I’m a poet but I haven’t really written anything in a while or at least to show you guys that there is some kind of truth to my statement so here’s something.

They Use to know me!

The earth use to tremble at my voice,
living in reverent fear.
they no longer do,
For desensitisation of fear in me has set in.
I am,
but you no longer think I am,
the most important being
my existence is no longer deemed as factual
I have become the concept,
deemed an idea by men who seek 
answers for themselves without
seeking my heavenly consultation,
who live to say I will no be subjected by rules
but oh the stupidity,
as if society itself doesn’t keep you in check,
its foundation,
being my laws,
which I gave once on a hill.
I’ve been replaced,
no longer priority.
You have put the world before me,
forgetting my sacrifice,
my son,
my only.

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