Stop… Not a statement but a command. You wont know your purpose until the path to it (your destiny), and the distraction (that which will lead you from it) appear before you as if a magician said pick a card and you have to live with that choice.No our existence isnt to just be nor is it to question everything or to know everything for then we’d think that we are our maker and rob God of his title. The irony in that is that we already do that. Omniscient is he but still our crave s for knowledge and understanding has led to self seeking self righteous men like you and I. Now it is good to want to know some things but somethings we should just leave alone.Too many questions only lead up to half baked theories. Its good to know that we as a people are no longer passive to thoughts and no longer accept whatever they feed us (hypodermic syringe model) but more analytical of the things we absorb. Ever wondered why some questions are so difficult to answer? Think about that, but even that in itself is even a toughy. It can drive one up the wall. If ever you find yourself doing a toss up betweed the right and wrong answer to a question look to God he will know!

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